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This is a webpage for Colette Mazzucelli, MALD, EdM Cand., PhD, Researcher, European Center, Sciences Po, Paris, Assistant Professor, Department of History and Political Science, Molloy College, and Center for Global Affairs, New York University.

E-mail: cmazzucelli@molloy.edu

Biography:  http://www.marquiswhoswho.net/colettegraceceliamazzucelli/

Curriculum Vitae


"Facing the autumn of our discontent," http://www.tiesweb.org/dialogues/incorrect/archives/mazzucelli.php3

EUObserver.com COLUMNS

"The Greek Presidency's Transatlantic Initiative: Priorities and Prospects," 13.06.2003, http://www.euobserver.com/index.phtml?aid=11684

"Europe and America after the Iraq crisis," 02.06.2003,

"The Cultural Integration of Europe: The Peoples' Choice?," 26.05.2003,


Presentation for the Conference, The Accession of Cyprus to the EU: Challenges and Opportunities, SIPA, Columbia University, May 4-5, 2003 (Microsoft Word, 49k)

Remarks for a Panel Discussion with Hubert Vedrine, Colette Mazzucelli and Fritz Stern, SIPA, Columbia University, February 27, 2003, to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of The Elysee Treaty (Microsoft Word, 68k)


The European Finality Debate and Its National Dimensions, Simon Serfaty, ed., CSIS, 2003 (Microsoft Word, 35k)

Book reviews by Dr. Colette Mazzucelli on Amazon.com

Reviews of books about Jean Monnet

An announcement about my book,
France and Germany at Maastricht:
Politics and Negotiations to Create the European Union on Amazon. Com

Orders may be placed by phone at 1-800-821-8312.

e-Education in the "cosmopolitan century" (Microsoft Word, 73k)

A congress organized by TIESWEB in the framework of its programme
"Trans-Atlantic Citizenship in the XXIst century - TAC21"


"The Role of Multimedia Education in Conflict Prevention: Its Relevance to Africa" Global Learn Day 6, 2002 in cooperation with the Kenyan Aids Intervention Prevention Project Group (KAIPPG), Colette Mazzucelli, Member, International Board

Global Learn Day 5, 2001

"Integrating Global Resources into your Classroom" featuring Roger Boston, with Colette Mazzucelli and David Johnson, 2000

An Educators Online Conference On Kosovo

Global Learn Day 3, 1999

An online discussion seminar demonstration in the field of conflict prevention,
Economic Transitions and Mutual Perceptions of Ethnic Identity, using NetMeeting 2.1 organized by,
Partnership Initiatives for the 1998 International Workshop, "Emerging Global Distance Education" in Tampere, Finland including the Business Communications Networks (BCN), Ltd. in Budapest.


Integrating Global Resources into your Classroom featuring Roger Boston, with Colette Mazzucelli and David Johnson
http://tc1.hccs.cc.tx.us/hist/yr00/ StarLink_Feb/StarLink_Feb.ram

Alpen Adria @ ScienceWeek
Vortrag, 11. Juni 2002, St. Johann, K & K Center
Die Europäische Union aus externer Sicht (Microsoft Word, 33k)

America’s Balkans Engagement
Ethical Reflections, Educational Responsibilities in Humanitarian Intervention
(Microsoft Word, 43k)
Kosova and Balkan Observer, Pristina, (forthcoming)

"Internet Based Scientific and Educational Cooperation on Conflict Prevention in Southeastern Europe" (Microsoft Word, 45k) Presentation at the Austrian Institute for Eastern and Southeastern Europe, Vienna, 14 January 2002, 17.00

Much Ado about Amsterdam: CDU-CSU Politics, Länder Influence and EU Treaty Reform
GLJ Vol. 2 No. 15 - 15 September 2001

"eEurope in Action? Kosovo, ESDP, and the Establishment of an Internet Pedagogy"* (Adobe PDF format 78k)
Submitted to Panel 6C
Creating Transparency and Legitimacy: The Internet, the EU, and the Pursuit of Allegiance (including members of the Robert Bosch Foundation Alumni Association - RBFAA)

Chapter 4 "A Separate Peace? Economic Stabilization and Development and the New Fault Line of European Security"

European Community Studies Association (ECSA) Seventh Biennial International Conference
May 31-June 2, 2001 * Madison, Wisconsin

"Educational Diplomacy" via the Internet (Adobe PDF format 32k)
A Transatlantic Citizens' Dialogue for Kosovo/a, Bosch Public Policy Seminar
22 March 2001, 18.00-20.00, The American Academy in Berlin

Conflict Prevention for Kosovo/a in an Era of 'Illiberal Democracy' (Adobe PDF format 34k)
Contributions and Challenges in the Transatlantic Experience Discovering Education's 'Fourth Wave' in Evangelische Akademie, The Renewal of the Transatlantic Partnership The Responsibility of the EU and the USA for Stability, Security and Peace in the World, Conference Papers, Loccum, March 9-11, 2001, http://www.loccum.de

Chapter 4 "Germany at Maastricht: Diplomacy and Domestic Politics"

Spanish Translation "Conflict Prevention for Kosovo/a in an Era of 'Illiberal Democracy'" (Adobe PDF format 691k)
by Professor Jose Brenes Andre, Former President, Fulbright Association of Costa Rica

Franco-German Contributions to the Common Foreign and Security Policy: The Area of Conflict Prevention/Resolution with a Perspective on Enlargement
by Dr. Colette Mazzucelli (Adobe PDF format 65k)

Analyzing Decision Making during the Intergovernmental Conference Process: Maastricht and Amsterdam
by Colette Mazzucelli, Ph.D. (Adobe PDF format 212k)

A policy interview with Secretary General Jürgen Trumpf, Parliamentary State Secretary István Szent-Iványi, Ambassador Carlos Westendorp and Dr. Gale Mattox for the Robert Bosch Foundation Alumni Association's (RBFAA) 1996 New York Regional Event on The Future of the European Union.

A presentation for USIS given at Toulouse Law School in southwestern France on Defining American Policy toward the Countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

Chapter 4 "Re-Visioning Democracy: The American Reaction to European Integration Since Maastricht"
A presentation for the United States Information Service (USIS) Speakers Program in Poland on Revisioning Democracy.

"The Evolution of an International Actor: Western Europe's New Assertiveness." (Adobe PDF format 22k)
Reinhardt Rummel with the assistance of Colette Mazzucelli. Boulder, San Francisco & Oxford: Westview Press, 1990.

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